Avanza Traducciones is a translation company specialised in translation and technical interpretation. 15 years of experience and more than 8 million words translated in different specialised areas give us added value and reliability when choosing us to outsource your translation service and choose us as a language service provider.traduccion-tecnica

We do not do automatic translations, avoiding the generalised translation of a term and “strange, literal and meaningless” constructions. Translation is an art and the human being is the artist.

The term technical translation, in general, is applicable to texts containing terminology specific to a technical or industrial sector. In technical translation we can find all kinds of texts as it covers more than 20 sectors of specialisation.

Medical-scientific and pharmaceutical translation are two of the most complex fields of specialisation for a translator. We work with particularly important and difficult texts. In this type of translation the correct terminology is even more important.

Relevant texts such as: doctorates, clinical analyses, patents, product specifications, expert reports, manuals of surgical procedures, medical protocols, etc., pass through our hands.