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Simultaneous interpretation booths, also known as translation booths, are necessary to carry out simultaneous interpretation, since the interpreters are located inside, with visibility of the presentation table or stage, and through the interpreter’s console and specific audio and cabling equipment, they receive the sound from the room’s microphones and emit the translation that reaches the attendees through the wireless receivers.

Translation booths, or when the client requests this service from us, should know that all the necessary material is portable, including the booths themselves, therefore, we can set them up in any location at least 3 to 4 hours before the start of the event, depending on the location and its ease of access, unless the event starts at 9 in the morning, in which case it will be set up the day before. The space required in the room is 2 meters by 2 meters per booth. In the event that the room does not have this space or it is not suitable due to lack of visibility, we can install the booth in an adjacent room and bring the image of the presentation table or stage through a closed circuit video with the minimum material and economic cost.

The <strong>translation booths</strong> and all the additional equipment are coordinated by a technician and one or more assistants depending on the number of booths and additional equipment, and whose objective is to provide the <em>interpreter</em> with a practically soundproof place, where the speaker’s voice can be heard clearly, to carry out his <strong>interpretation</strong> and to be able to send the <a href=””><strong>simultaneous interpretation</strong></a> to the receivers of the attendees.

In addition to the <strong>translation booth</strong>, as for sound, if the room has suitable <a href=””><strong>sound and public address systems</strong></a> equipment, we connect our equipment to it. If not, we will provide the <a href=””><strong>sound and public address systems</strong></a> of the room after the evaluation visit by our technicians.

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