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Avanza Traducciones is a language services agency or commonly called: Translation Agency, founded in 2003. It offers its services anywhere in Spain, and offers 3 large blocks of services: translationinterpretation and transcription. Thanks to the wide range of complementary services offered by Avanza Traducciones, we provide total coverage in the area of languages and linguistics.

In Translation we can highlight three subgroups, sworn translation or official translation, carried out by translators recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; general translation, translation that does not contain terminology specific to a sector, in which commercial or colloquial expression prevails over technical expression and technical or specialised translation, this is a wider subgroup since it covers the different areas of specialisation of translation: legal translation, economic translation, financial translation, literary translation, advertising translation, scientific translation, medical translation and technical translation, among others. The professional’s profile is more skilled and specialised, and the time and more resources are used for a technical or specialised translation.

In the field of Interpretation, obviously the most important thing is our interpreters, our interpreter profile is upper end, differentiated by sectors of specialisation and type of interpretation: consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation. However added to our interpreters, we also offer various complementary services, since in order to provide simultaneous interpretation services we need specific equipment and techniques to be able to carry out our interpreting work: translation booths, receivers, microphones and room sound systems, as well as audio-visual equipment.

As far as Transcription is concerned, Avanza is one of the most established companies in Spain, specialising in legal transcription. We can cover large volume projects with very tight deadlines.

We have created an independent division for the Legal Transcription area, which provides the arbitration area with a comprehensive service.

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