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Sworn translation is a type of translation required by certain public or private bodies, courts, ministries and universities. To carry out this type of sworn translation, we have a team of official translators, recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation which acts as a notary and attests to the veracity of the translated text with respect to the original.

We have a network of sworn or official translators in Spain and abroad in countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Portugal.

Also, for public tenders, company incorporations, documents to be presented in legal proceedings, etc., when the volume to be translated is very large and the deadline is very tight, we create a team of sworn translators to meet the customer’s deadline.

The sworn translation is delivered on paper, with the sworn translator’s stamp and signature, complying with the new Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation regulations that came into force in November 2016. Together with the stamped, signed and certified sworn translation we will reproduce a copy of the original, also stamped, signed and dated by the sworn translator.
Sworn translations are delivered by express courier, at no additional cost to the customer, to ensure safe delivery.

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