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What is a legal transcription? When asked if sworn transcription exists, the answer is no, sworn transcription does not exist, nor does the figure of the transcribing expert exist, but what we do in Avanza is to make a high-quality audio-to-text transcription, with fully corroborated terminology, all the necessary annotations for the lawyer to prepare his or her claims and defences or for any of the parties to present it as evidence if the original recording is admitted by the Court.

In Legal Transcription, a modality in audio-to-text transcription is a completely literal transcription, we work with most of the prestigious law firms in Spain and with many independent professionals.

We follow the confidentiality protocol and destruction of the material after the customer’s confirmation of receipt of our transcript.

For legal transcription, we have a 24/7 express delivery service and make partial deliveries of the transcribed material.

Transcription of Arbitrations

We have a division dedicated to providing assistance and all the services necessary to obtain the audio-visual and written record of an arbitration.

As a brief summary, included in legal transcription for arbitrations services, we offer the transcription in real time from remote, with the possibility of using Live Notes, transcription from the recorded audio with immediate delivery, 48 hours after the arbitration and the transcription of the recorded audio with standard and urgent delivery.

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